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Boutique 14

Product of: Documentary and Experimental Film Center Director and Producer: Talayeh Atlasi English Subtitle Full Synopsis: (THE FILM TIRES TO DEMONSTRATE A VERY COMPLICATED UNBELIEVABLE PROBLEM OF MODERN SOCIETY OF IRAN. THE PROBLEM AROSE FROM THE IRANIAN LAW OF 1978 AND REMAIN UNTOUCHABLE ALSO FOR THE JUDGES AND LAWYERS WHO FACE WITH IT AFTER 38 YEARS OF APPROVING THIS LAW). Synopsis: The problem of the tenants who bought the Key Money of the shops in Iran who were not supported by the Iranian law and they lose their money when the landlords sue them. The tenants who rent the shops, normally pay more than several hundred times of the value of the shop as the Key Money to the owner to start a business there. On the other hand, because of the ambiguity and defect of the landlord-tenant law of 1978 in Iran, some landlords exploit the law and evict the tenant without paying him back the Key Money not even a penny. While passing over 40 years of approving the law, people still buy the Key Money, hoping to start a business without knowing exactly about the law and they still get in trouble. Following the tribunal cases, the film shares the experience of the tenants, owners and even the judge while he is crying.

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