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Our new collaboration with 
Amnesty International in Greece


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We are a non-profit organization,
a film production company,
a creative tailor made space established by a professional team who collaborate with other professionals to create dreamy unique projects. 

Many of our projects were realized in Italy, Iran, UK, Greece in collaboration with organizations such as: T&T Atlasi film production in Italy, London Film Academy, DEFC (Documentary and Experimental Film Center, Iran).

 We had presentations and showcases together with Amnesty international in Greece, Court of Athens, Italian TV channel of TV2000, University of Rome, CCCB(Centre de Cultura de Barcelona), Cinemateque of Tehran Contemporary Art Museum. 

In addition our projects were nominated, won or presented in the International Film Festival all over the world.  

Years of experience and passion built up this company brick by brick to dedicate this space for realizing our projects.

Story telling is our dream, We live it for ever

Winner (Work in progress)

A Short Fiction Film in the pre-production phase

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The Poet (Work in progress)

Feature Documentary Director, Writer, Producer, Editor: Talayeh & Taravat Atlasi Cinematography : Talayeh Atlasi Sound: Taravat Atlasi

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Uncolored Marriage

Synopsis: Majid and Negar, the two Iranian young lovers have problems living together, and even meet up for a few hours! They see each other in an unusual place but the girl can't stand the situation anymore. The film represents a deep and the common social issue of these days of young society in Iran

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A promoting Demo for the Italian accounting company

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Without your kind help we can't make it! Your donation only goes to cover the expenses of our films. To check the legal documents of our company please scroll down to the end. If you want to support our projects and make a donation directly to Atlas Kinsep, our IBAN is: GR7201721260005126107980948. You can also make the following secured donation via Whydonate portal.  

We can make a professional Movie Trailer or Promo Demo for your business, company or brand.
Base on your donation we have various special packages and services for your company such as promoting your brand with a movie trailer,... For more details please contact us!
This video is one of the recent examples of
our services(for low budget Promo Trailer) for an accounting company.
Based on your budget we can make a promo video for your brand.

Here is mentioned some of the international film festivals that our films had been selected, nominated, or won in all over the world.

Talayeh Atlasi

Founder | President

The chief Director of Atlas Koinsep who writes and creats projects, Films since 2002, gathering the professional artist and collaborators from all over the world

Taravat Atlasi

Co-Founder | Vice president

Writer, Producer and Founder of T&T Atlasi Film Production in Italy who work together with Talayeh Atlasi since 2009.

Kosmas Gkrimpogiannis

Secretery Greneral

Monitors the daily operations of AtLas Koinsep, sets the strategic goals for the team, and organizes events for the projects. also supervises the business process.

Nikos Dagkas

Program Manager | Business Development Coordinator

Expert in raising communal and European funds for the development and achievement of KOINSEP goals

George Brinias

Financial manager | Planner

Expert in supervising the company's finances and finding ways to properly manage finances in order to achieve company goals and its further development.

  • Parnithos 15, Athens, Greece

Company Statutes

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